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Growing up in Quito and having an amazing chef (a.k.a. Mom) has made my taste in food very varied. I love eating good food, I love eating out, I love talking about good food and I love trying new flavors. While Toronto offers a great deal of amazing restaurants and my in-laws cook delicious meals, there are a few restaurants nearby that are my favorite not just because of good service (which is important), but because to my opinion they are THE best.  Hereunder there is a list of the places that have made it to my top ten because every time I have a bite of their food I think to myself: PERFECTION

Pita Delites: The best falafel and shawarma ever! Back in Quito there are a lot places that sell shawarmas, falafels and other yummy meals, but this place is amazing! I love how friendly they are and I especially love their baklava. Their prices are reasonable and the quality of their food could compare very easily to a fancy restaurant in Quito called Baalbek which is my favorite from back home. Pita Delites is located in Ajax.

I-Thai: I had Thai food for the first time ever when I came to Canada in 2013, after having it here I couldn’t believe how I went through life without eating this. I love their mango –veggie salad and their Chicken Pad Thai is so flavorful and it makes you wish the food was not running out every time you have a bite. This restaurant is located in Whitby:

Catrionas: This café has amazing sandwiches; the service is great and is a family-run place. My husband loves their sandwiches and so do I, but my favorite thing about this place it’s their Gelato. The first time I realized they had Gelato instead of ice cream they made the list because back home my weekend afternoons I’d spent them with my aunts having a gelato at the mall and Gelato is one of the first things I missed from back home when I came to Canada. I really don’t care if it’s healthier than ice cream or if it’s more expensive than ice cream. I just don’t like the cream of the ice-cream so gelato, especially at Catrionas, is my favorite desert ever! Make sure you try the lemoncello flavor! This café is also located in Whitby:

PJ’s: Another located in Whitby. The first reason I loved this place was because it looks like the local spot of a movie (because I grew up in Quito, watching north-american movies, things “like in the movies…” are very significant to me).  The second reason why I like them is because of their all-day-breakfast! I’m one of those people that love having breakfast. If I could have breakfast for lunch & dinner I would. At PJ’s they sure know how to make breakfast and I always walked out of there with a full belly and a smile on my face. Anything you ordered here is GREAT. The only thing I’d add to the breakfast Menu is: homemade beans.


Sushi T&T: This restaurant is located in Ajax. Anyone who likes Sushi as much as I do should go here! From the outside it doesn’t look as amazing as it is and you always get the impression there is only one waitress for all the tables, but don’t let that fool you; the service is great and fast and the food… well… if it’s on this list is because is PERFECTION. Another thing that I love about Canada is that most Sushi places are buffet style, so it’s perfect for me because when it comes to Sushi, I love over-doing it. http://www.sushitnt.com/index.php?option=com_rsform&view=rsform&Itemid=112

One of the best places in Oshawa to have a hot sandwich! You can tell the food is made with love. I have the impression it’s packed at lunch time, but I usually go in the afternoon and you can actually sit and enjoy their creations. My favorite is the chicken sandwich; the second favorite is the meatball and in third place is the veal one. Have them with a san pellegrino soda can or a glass of wine at home.   http://www.sinatras.ca/

La Pizza & Pasta: Also in Oshawa and also Italian! Awesome Pizza! Do I need to say more? … This is the best pizza I’ve ever had! I can’t wait to try their pasta and deserts. They also make Arancini, which are these amazing balls of rice that I love to have with a tomato sauce or some bruschetta-like tomatoes. Be sure to check out the local newspaper, sometimes they have great deals for a very affordable price.  http://www.lapizzaandpasta.com/