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It was April 13 2018 when my husband asked if I wanted to go see a band in Brooklin (north of Whitby), having no other plans and wanting to spend some time with my husband I agreed. Now, my husband did explained that this was a very special band and how he couldn’t believe they’d have a show in Whitby right before their world tour, but I was confused as we were looking for a garage/barn in a private house. Parked the car and literally follow the music through the dark… Being early April in southern Ontario, it was chilly and muddy as hell as it had been raining all day. When we got to the barn, we were told it was a benefit show, so we decided to give $20.00 each and then I decided to find a spot… not to enjoy the show per se, but to pass the time while my husband has a good time enjoying the show… I’m not that much into punk rock and I just don’t do mosh pits. However… my vision for the night was about to change…the first thing I noticed was that the vibe in this small barn crowed with people was far better than any local pub or venue downtown Toronto. I could actually see people enjoying themselves and I have to admit the punk rock tunes were making me sort of dance along the music and then I saw it… I felt it… this was Rock and Roll at its finest; a guy so excited to see the band that we swings from the beams of the barn and how people eventually helped a guy with a walking disability do the same. The show was over too soon… for everyone I think, but the band said their thank-yous and goodbyes and we started walking back to the car… needles to say the mud, the rain, the cold… didn’t matter anymore for I had found the truest meaning of Rock that night in a barn north of Whitby… Thank you Metz.